Why Study at Myanmar Imperial College?

Myanmar Imperial College provides a wide range of disciplines including Business and Media and IT with the collaboration of the UK Education Body and universities around the world.

Students can either finish their entire Bachelor and Master study in Myanmar or they can continue their study at our partner universities in United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Singapore, etc.

Myanmar Imperial College offers Higher National Diploma in Business, Higher National Diploma in Media and Master of Business...

Myanmar Imperial College provides not only necessary and well-set up facilities but also Media Studio, Computer Lab and Library in...

Students who are very much interested in studying the courses offered at MIC – are strongly encouraged to enroll in our...

HND Business, Media & MBA Seminar on 12th Jan 2013 at Myanmar Imperial College
• Explanations about HND Business
• Explanations about Master of Business Administration
• Explanations about studying UK Education in Myanmar